To Do’s Summer Maintenance Checklist

  • Make sure sprinklers and hoses are not directed against the outside of the house.
  • Change furnace filters monthly.
  • Remove debris from gutters, eaves troughs, and down-pipes.  Hose them out and ensure good drainage flow.   
  • Smoke Detectors – Check operation by pushing the test button to cause it to emit sound – if it does not check the circuit breaker. Check and replace the battery when necessary. (Most detectors will emit an intermittent beep when the battery is failing).
  • Check the fire extinguishers for the proper charge level.
  • Test all GFCIs to ensure proper operation.
  • Clean aerators on faucets regularly and check screens in washing machine supply hoses.
  • Clean your dryer lint trap regularly, if your home has a booster fan installed be sure to check and clean the lint trap in that as well. Damaged or torn lint traps should be replaced.
  • Clean windows, window tracks and make sure weep holes are not blocked (including sliding door tracks